Wial, Canon, Kern and Matti

Wial specialise in managing the "logistic value chain" of its customers. In order to strengthen its position as a provider of logistical services Wial has invested in a new Canon digital colour print line with a multi-function processor, a Kern K160 manufactured by Matti allowing Wial to produce more efficiently and expand its service offerings.


Matti/Kern provided a unique expandable solution for sprocket punching and perforating with the capability of adding additional devices. latter.


The Matti Group is committed to supply innovative solutions, realising our customer’s ideas, allowing them to be at the forefront of their business.


The Challenge

To supply a machine to meet Wial's current customer requirements and future proof the unit allowing Wial to offer its customers a wide range of new possibilities. The printed documents must be processed in accordance with their current finishing equipment without impacting on the Canon digital press's quality, performance, productivity and servicing. Conform to established workflow and production procedures with minimum operator intervention. Base specification: documents with sprocket punching post printer, registering to a page mark. Horizontal and vertical perforations on selective pages on variable document depths of A4 or 12”, with the capability of job size and format controlled by a 2D code and provision to add additional devices. 

The Solution

What looked like a straight forward system grew into a Multi-Function Processor being configured with 8 tooling stations Sprocket punching post printer, 4 off horizontal perforating beams, 1 off vertical perforating cassette with multi blade options and 2 free slots Sprocket punching post printer is controlled by reading the printers refresh line and the dynamic/selective devices controlled by reading the information in a 2D code. The devices are automatically selected, calibrated and set to their correct application and positions. The two free slots allow the unit to be expanded in the future. 

The Conclusion

A System that sprocket punches post printer ensuring maximum up-time of the digital press, with no potential of printer contamination from paper dust or loose confetti, no paper breaks caused by web handling issues in pre-processing the web before the printer, no additional web cleaning devices required. The sprocket punching system allows the printer to function as in a "White Paper" environment. Correct tooling and job set up assured for each application without operator intervention. Future proofed allowing the possibility of inline varnishing, die cutting, file hole punching, embossing or other devices which allow Wial to expand its service offerings. A system that meets the customer’s challenging requirements and specifications.