Digital Printing


MFP Lite Extended

MFP Lite Extended: Featuring 2 additional fullwidth horizontal perforating beams

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Müller Apparatebau Openhouse from September 19th to September 21st, 2017

Matti Group at Müller Apparatebau Openhouse: The Matti Group will be attending Openhouse...

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Today, a lot of effort at Matti is put into the research, development and go-to-market of digital inkjet technologies adapted for the use to print electronics. We have designed many roll-to-roll machines and machine concepts to precisely and reliably transport all sorts of substrates, such as paper, plastics or foils. All the know-how gathered designing and bulding such machines, allows us to participate in the fast growing area of printed electronics. Although these technologies are still in its infancy, we are bringing our experience in and helping to industrialize technology advances in this area. Areas of focus and interest currenly are mass production of RFID tags and Display.

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