Integration of digital printing technology on legacy infrastructure


Matti OpenPress Substrate Transport

OpenPress Substrate Transport: The smart construction kit for substrate transports for digital print...

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MFP Lite Extended

MFP Lite Extended: Featuring 2 additional fullwidth horizontal perforating beams

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A lot of printing shops have trusted and proven workhorse equipment such as offset presses or flexo presses installed that perform very well in terms of speed, reliability and cost. But: this installed base lacks the possibility to print variable information on the printed output. This may be acceptable in certain markets, but will close a growing number of business opportunities.

Matti has many years of experience to bring these presses to the next level: we can integrate the latest digital printing technology on to most any traditional press on the market. We have the know-how to mechanically integrate a wide number digital print heads and can help our customers take advantage of the new possibilities this will open.

Some examples of integrations done by Matti:

  • Integration of Kodak Stream Ink technology into a flexible binding line. The system is capable of printing over a width of 24.5” and is running with speeds up to 300m/min at a resolution of 600x600dpi.
  • Integration of Kodak 9” heads onto a Miakoshi Offset printing press
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