Matti OpenPress Substrate Transport

OpenPress Substrate Transport: The smart construction kit for substrate transports for digital print - paper or foil

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OpenFactory@Matti follows a simple concept: Step in for a demo of our newest pre- and post processing equipment at our facilities in Sulgen, walk through our factory and have lunch with us in a lovely nearby restaurant. For your convenience, this invitation is always valid. So, when you are close by, take the chance and visit us. Currently we can show you our new multifunction processor, the MFP. This machine does horizontal and vertical perforations, file hole and sprocket punching, all post printer und up to speeds of 200 meters per minute. If you’re close by, just give us a call or drop us an email. Preferably two days advance, but we’ll also do our best if it’s only five minutes. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Sulgen, Switzerland. To arrange your visit contact the Matti team at: +41-71-424 09 40 or at