The Matti Groups product range is geared towards providing a comprehensive portfolio to customers in the graphic and transactional print industry. As Matti posseses all competences to engineer the required products from the ground up, we can act as a one-stop shop for the entire printing line.

In our portfolio you will find a large number of standard pre and post processing equipment and also presses for process color and black only printing.

At any time you may request Matti to build the product geard towards your individual needs - we can provide the engineering ressources and the manufacturing of your product.


This section contains our range of unwinders and pre treatment equipment, such as corona or tinting devices.

Printing / Processing

Here you will find a range of digital presses designed and marketed by the Matti Group. All these presses are based on writing systems provided through our Oem partners. At any time you may contact us to integrate your writing system of choice on our mechanical transports.


We provide and actively develop a broad range of post processing equipment such as rewinders, dynamic perforators, cutters, folders, stackers, etc.