MFP520 ™

Multi-Function Processor 



  • Max Paper Width: 350mm or 520mm
  • Max Line Speed: 100m/min or 150m/min (optional).
  • Paper Weights: 50gsm to 240gsm
  • Punching Section: 20" Circumference long life
  • Perforating Section: Accepts cylinders of 8 1/2" to 12" circumference
  • File Hole Cartridges: Accepts cartridges of 11" to 24" circumference
  • Die Cutting Cartridges: Accepts cartridges of 11" to 24" circumference
  • Power Supply: 380-480V-3ph-50-60Hz, 16A
  • Air Supply: 5.5 Bar (80 psi) 


  • Sprocket hole punching, File hole punching, Security hole punching, either single double or triple row.
  • Horizontal and vertical perforating fixed, selectively or dynamically
  • Die cutting with waste rewinding,
  • Inkjet, Letterpress, Dry offset or Flexographic print units.
  • Document control systems,
  • Laminating and Label applicators
  • Dust and confetti extraction systems
  • Web guiding.
  • Pre or Post processing Device, Pinned or Pinless. 


  • Simple to use.
  • Extremely flexible can be configured with multiple devices
  • Quick tool changes
  • Mobile.
  • Simple operator interface.
  • Minimum web up time.
  • Communication port for printer or other host device.
  • Can be configured for pre or post processing.
  • Built-in paper drives, full tension control within the unit.
  • Programmable formats. 


  • Tungsten Carbide tooling.
  • Electronic paper length control.
  • Tensionless output or input, controlled by loop height detection allows the unit to respond to web demand.
  • User-friendly operator interface.
  • Confetti collection.
  • Automatic speed sensing
  • Interlocked top cover to ensure operator and service personnel’s safety
  • Web Break Sensor 


  • Can produce custom documents
  • Purchase base stocks direct from the mill.
  • In-house production of correct sized base stock on-line.
  • Reduces material cost by up to 30%.
  • Reduces base material inventory
  • Quick and simple paper thread up.
  • In-house make readies” thus reducing printer down time.
  • Can process a wide range of paper stocks.
  • Mounted on wheels for mobility.
  • Small foot print and low height allows unimpeded view of process area. 

General description:

The Matti Orion Multi-Function Processor Model MFP has been designed to meet the exacting requirements for specialist printers who wish to convert plain documents into complex custom documents on-line with high-speed digital printers. The MFP a diverse and extremely versatile unit a truly unrivalled unit which can be configured with multiple converting processes, including sprocket punching, pattern die cutting, file hole punching, ink jet print heads, flexographic and letterpress print modules, cameras, security punching, horizontal and vertical perforators. By utilising the expansive options package the MFP can be configured as a pre or post possessing device, can be configured for selective and dynamic applications, can be controlled by barcode or 2D codes for both pinned and pinless paper. Ideal for applications such as Transpromo, Security Printing, Itemised billing applications, Statements, certificates and coupons.