MOR5020 ™

Tensionless Rewinder 



  • Maximum Reel Dia 1320mm (50”)
  • Maximum Reel Width 520mm (20.5")
  • Standard Airshaft 70mm (2 3/4") or 76mm (3”)
  • Maximum Line Speed Up to 158m/min ( 520ft/min )
  • Maximum Reel Weight 680kg (1500lbs)
  • Power Supply 208-240V-1/2ph-50-60Hz
  • Power Consumption 0.5kw
  • Standby Power 10 Watts
  • Air Supply 5.5 Bar (80 psi)
  • Gross Weight 600kg (1320lbs) 


  • Range of Airshafts available for standard cores.
  • Splicing table
  • 100 and 158 mtr versions available.
  • Built in compressor 


  • Simple to use.
  • Quick reel changes minimised down time.
  • Wheel mounted for mobility.
  • One touch operation.
  • Very low operating power.
  • Minimum web up time.
  • Multi size air inflatable reel shafts available.
  • Reel lowering to the floor and reel shaft automatically locked into position.
  • Communication port.. 


  • Reversible direction rewinding .
  • Up to 520 ft/min maximum speed.
  • Tensionless input, controlled by loop height detection allows the unit to respond to web demand.
  • Retractable airshaft inflator.
  • Maximum Reel Diameter Sensor
  • Web Break Sensor.
  • Communication port for host device.
  • Automatic paper-jam stop and Emergency stop buttons.
  • Supplied complete with airshaft.
  • Automatic speed sensing
  • Automatic direction sensing 


  • High volume reels can be produced for subsequent processing.
  • Eco friendly low power consumption.
  • High document security, documents within the reel cannot be removed.
  • Powered reel loading and unloading.
  • Ergonomic design with quick and simple paper thread up.
  • User-friendly operator interface with Touch Screen display.
  • Minimum web-up time.Mounted on wheels for mobility.
  • Multi-reeve dancer arrangement allows unit to soft start and stop.
  • Trouble free rewinding. 

General description:

The Matti Orion Rewind Post Processing Unit can be connected on-line with the host digital printer or other continuous device, rewinding all types of high volume continuous documents. Simple and reliable it is the ideal solution to the "Lights Out" operation, guaranteeing continuous operation of any device for several hours with minimal or no operator intervention. The Rewind Unit incorporates a soft start system, ensuring reels are consistently rewound to pre set tension parameters when used in-conjunction with the fastest digital printers. Thus guaranteeing the reel is wound to the highest standard, which is crucial for subsequent processing. The control system features a simple adjustable paper tension control which ensures the most difficult of stocks can be rewound including custom forms, patch documents incorporating windows and cross perforations. 


Model MOR5020/ACC

Rewinder with Multi-Reeve loop control.

Model MTR5020

Tensionless Rewinder with single loop control.