Matti Coater

Roller based coating unit for inkjet treatment and varnishing applications



  • Maximum Paper Width 510mm
  • Maximum Speed Up to 150m / min
  • Paper Drive Pinless
  • Printing System Concept Metering Roller
  • Print circumference Permanent / endless “coating”
  • Drying UV or IR or others (dependent on fluid)
  • Infeed / Outfeed drive Servomotors
  • Viscosity range approx. 0 – 50 mPa
  • Footprint 0.8 x 1.4m
  • Closed chamber inking module with ink pumps
  • Separate power module
  • Paper edge guiding
  • Touch Screen Control 


  • Different roller configurations
  • Laser engraved rollers for pattern tinting
  • Stripe coat assembly
  • Split reservoir system for two fluids or more
  • Speed control by lightweight dancer assembly or master machine (tension input)
  • Inline / Offline (stand-alone)
  • Configured for Pre- or Post-processing
  • Tensioned or tensionless system available
  • UV - / IR – dryer and others 


  • Accurate fluid matching
  • Treating of substrates
  • Capable of applying many different coatings
  • Easy to operate
  • Can increase document security
  • Can reduce document damage from mechanical handling
  • Flexible, modular, expandable 

The Matti Coater unit improves the surface finishing and mechanical specification of substrates with the correct evaluated fluid / coating with several processing devices. It can be placed directly as a pre- or post-process unit used inline or offline. The multifunctional coating of emulsion, colours and varnish gives (digitally printed) documents their own excellent personal effect either single width or duplex in one machine. The Matti Coater unit is a flexible construction with either two die slots or coating / treating units in one machine mounted in one chassis and facilitates different drying systems depending on the application including cold UV, IR, high frequency drying and convection hot air drying / cold air treating, etc. The unit can be configured to be part of a complete printing system, ideally suited for security (finishing) applications, Company Logos, identity flashes, signatures and coating. 

Surface Finishing Solution for: Carbonless coating Inks and Overprint Varnishes Security Inks and Coatings Speciality Adhesives.

Applications with lacquer- materials are also attainable:  Vision panels without mechanical cuttings Watermarks Numbers and logos