Printing / Processing

Drying Technology

 Matti's proven IR or UV standard or custom built dryers

Matti Technology AG develops, manufactures and sells IR, NIR and UV Dryers for web and single sheet applications since decades. Our technology is industry proven and currently powers more than 500 presses around the globe.

We are specialized in water and solvent based ink drying due to our continuous research, development activities and joint ventures with IR luminary manufactures. This allows us to serve the market with leading solutions that provide the best possible results while being as energy efficient as possible.

To achieve this, Matti has developed it's proprietary TuneIR® technology. TuneIR may be utilized in a custom built dryer for press manufacturers or is applied in our standardized Single Dryer. TuneIR adapts the emitted spectrum in a closed-loop control system. It takes into account the absorption spectrum of the inks, the amount of ink printed and several other environmental parametrs to achieve the industries best performing dryers.

Our drying technology can easily be adapted to fit into new press designs or can be retrofited into existing presses.