Printing / Processing

iPress & iPrint

Complete mechanical base for Xerox / Impika

In collaboration with our most appreciated partner Impika Jetting Solutions, Matti Technology AG was allowed to develop, design and engineer the current range of iPress and iPrint units. As the exclusive OEM for iPress and iPrint, Matti Technology is allowed to bring in all its know-how, skills and experience to provide customized turn-key Printing Solutions to our customers and partners.

The iPress and iPrint units offer a wide range of applications and enable the use of different substrates. Depending on customer demands the iPress unit allows printing resolutions from 600 x 600 dpi up to 2400 x 1200 dpi. Further, the iPrint units give the flexibility to choose between a web speed of 76m/min and 254 m/min. Along with the resolution and web speed choices customers may configurate the printing line from 1-up simplex to 2-up duplex (monochrome, 2 colours or CMYK).