Matti was founded in 1995 and has since then been committed to inkjet web solutions.
In its history Matti has always followed on an OEM business model, working together with the biggest companies in the industry and designing, manufacturing and testing inkjet presses for these customers.


The Digital Print Foundation is developed and comes to life in new products on the market. The foundation is the basis to the development of turnkey industrial inkjet systems.

Presentation of MonoJet at drupa 2016

Matti presents the MonoJet 330 roll-to-cutsheet digital inkjet press at drupa 2016. The press is capable of producing more than 700 A4 duplex pages per minute, offset stacked.

Fully automated book line

With its joint venture partner Bielomatik, a bookline is developed starting off from white paper, ending in booklets with variable sizes. More than 100 books can be produced per minute.

Acquisition assets GP Stratum

All assets of GP Stratum have been acquired by Matti Technology AG and the primer units have since then been heavily further developed and are sold today as priming units for inkjet presses.

Acquisition of manufacturing partner

Matti acquires its long standing manufacturing partner, which becomes "Matti Engineering AG". Matti Engineering AG is still today an own legal entity and part of the Matti Group.

drupa participation

Matti presents 3 new products at dupa 2004. These include a press for book printing, multifunction processor and a new line of pre- and postprocessing machinery.

Increasing production volume

The production volume on machines delivered and installed via OEM partners of Matti surpasses 10 billion duplex copies per month.

Presentation fastest CMYK press

Development and presentation of the worldwide fastest CMYK industrial inkjet press.

Founding of the Company

Founding of the company and start with a close collaboration with several major players for digital inkjet presses.