Sophisticated IR drying - added to your system at the speed of light

Product documentation:

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Utilising its knowledge and expertise in infrared drying, Matti Technology AG is offering a standalone IR / NIR single dryer which can be integrated into either existing inkjet presses to enhance drying performance on difficult substrates or to complement variable data applications when integrating inkjet writing modules on offset presses.

In a compact and easy to operate standalone design, this dryer provides 12kW of IR drying power. To increase its overall efficiency, it includes two air-knives that bring fresh air over the substrate. This combination allows for efficient drying in a short distance.

The clever design with a thought-out airflow concept prevents heat spillage into the adjacent area preventing temperature increases around the inkjet printheads.

The dryer simply connects to standard 3ph mains supply and exhaust air ducts. The system is designed to be easily integrated into existing presses or it can be combined with the Matti Monojet inkjet imprinting systems.

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Technical Data

  • The Matti Single Dryer is designed to dry ink as quickly as possible at high press speeds ensuring high speed printing heads can be used at their full potential. The unique design of the heating filament combines efficient radiation with very short response times offering higher radiation density and improved mechanical stability. The Dryer features built-in air-knives, extractor fans and cooling plate minimising the use of web coolers.
    • Easy to operate
    • Compact design
    • True standalone unit
    • Can be integrated into legacy presses
    • Carbon filament with short response time
    • Highly efficienct drying
    • Smart design with very little heat-spill
    • 12kW IR / NIR
    • Wavelengths: 2.1 or 1.5 Microns
    • 2 integrated air-knives for fresh air
    • Integrated cooling table
    • PLC controlled
    • Dimensions dryer: 1050x290x336mm (LxWxH)
    • 400V (3LNPE)