MFP Lite

Dynamic Multi-Function Lightweight Processor

The new MFP Lite Multi-Function Processor has been designed to operate online with high speed digital printers and finishing equipment, offering optimal selectivity for dynamic horizontal and vertical perforations plus the option to add file hole punching and sprocket punching. "Better by Design" engineered to improve productivity and reduce operational costs. With the tooling options package the MFP Lite is a truly unrivalled unit, enabling its users the capability to visualise and run new applications.

Please note:

The MFP Lite and the bigger MFP are the only units on the market, that can perform sprocket punching (or any other of their features) after the printer. The benefit: no dust and no loose sprockets in the printer, therefore better printer uptime and reliability.

Technical Data

  • The MFP-Lite is a compact, versatile dynamic perforator (horizontal / vertical), filehole punching and sprocket punching unit. It comes with the necessary interfaces to the most common digital printers on the market. Possibility for adaptation to customer needs.
    • Extremely flexible - can be configured with multiple devices: horizontal perforating beams, vertical perforating heads, file hole punching and sprocket punching
    • Quick tool changes
    • Full width horizontal perforations
    • Sprocket punching post printer
    • Tensioned or tensionless paper inputs and outputs
    • Field up-gradable
    • Can be configured as a pre or post processing device
    • Can be handed for right to left or left to right operation
    • 520mm (20.5") or 560mm (22") web width
    • 100m/min (330 ft/min) or 150m/min (500 ft/min) line speed
    • 60gsm to 180gsm paper weight - for other weights, please consult factory
    • 152mm - 410mm ( 6" – 16") format lengths
    • 1 or 2 lane operation
    • 560mm max. horizontal perforation width
    • >75mm (3") vertical repeat length
    • up to 8 vertical perforating heads
    • 2, 3, 4 hole file hole punching
    • None, 1-2 up continuous or dynamic file hole punching
    • 20" circumference tungsten carbide sprocket punch
    • OMR, Datamatrix, Barcode or Programmable perforations and punch control
    • 400-480V-3ph+N+PE, 50-60Hz power supply