MFP520 and MFP560

Dynamic Heavy Duty Multi-Function Processor

The Matti Multi-Function Processor Model MFP has been designed to meet the exact requirements for specialist printers who wish to convert plain documents into complex custom documents on-line with high-speed digital printers. The MFP is a diverse and extremely versatile unit, a truly unrivalled unit which can be configured with multiple converting processes, including sprocket punching, pattern die cutting, file hole punching, inkjet print heads, flexographic and letterpress print modules, cameras, security punching, horizontal and vertical perforators. By utilising the extensive options package the MFP can be configured as a pre or post possessing device, can be configured for selective and dynamic applications and can be controlled by barcode or 2D codes for both pinned and pinless paper. Ideal for applications such as Transpromo, Security Printing, Itemised billing applications, Statements, certificates and coupons.

Please note:

The MFP and the smaller MFP Lite are the only units on the market, that can perform sprocket punching (or any other of their features) after the printer. The benefit: no dust and no loose sprockets in the printer, therefore better printer uptime and reliability.